Adventure Mod for Minecraft PE

Adventure Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Adventure Mod for Minecraft PE: travel through the updated game world, meeting new mobs and mining different blocks!

What does Adventure Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players love adventures, and this mod allows them to add even more different mobs, structures, and items to the game. There will also be new features and additional effects.

Adventure Expansion

The mod introduces new and exciting bosses and powerful weapons into Minecraft PE, making the gameplay experience much more interesting and immersive. With the addition of new items, adventure will become even more captivating and rewarding. The game will have new mobs that players can engage in battle with, and upon victory, they will receive various rewards.


The adventure mod introduces a new event called Goblin Raid, which can be triggered using a golem banner. To craft the banner, players need 6 pieces of leather and a wooden block. Users can meet the peaceful Trader in Minecraft PE, who will sell them exclusive items. It is possible to find him while exploring the world.

The mob only accepts orange sapphires, which can be obtained from Goblin Raids.

There is a new structure in the world that houses a dragon. It will be located underground and will contain a mysterious egg. Break the egg and place it again, and after 4–5 minutes, a dragon will hatch.

Players can feed the dragon with steak. If a player unlocks the castle, it can summon the dragon. This boss will drop its scales and bones upon defeat, which can be used to craft blue dragon armor.

The mod users also can have an adventure in a tower, but to enter it, they will need a key. Surround the key with 8 gold ingots to obtain a functional key and access the tower.

Pirate Ship is a rare structure that can be found in the ocean and is inhabited by pirates. Be cautious when exploring it, as it contains valuable resources worth acquiring.

Adventure Plus

This mod ads new mobs, food, concepts, ideas, and myths. There will be more rare mobs in Minecraft PE. In the End dimension, new phantoms roams the skies. These ethereal creatures are a formidable threat, but players can defeat them with a bow and arrows.

There is also Tuff Golem. This peculiar creature has the ability to open doors. Players can utilize its unique skill to their advantage when navigating dungeons and structures during the adventure.

Besides, Copper Golem has the same skill.

The mod adds new monsters to the depths of water-filled caves. Players should arm themselves with powerful weapons and have weapons to against the creatures. There are much more mobs that Minecraft PE have heard about but have never seen.