Aether Mod for Minecraft PE

Aether Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Aether Mod for Minecraft PE: build a portal, meet inhabitants of a new dimension, and use cool weapons!

What does Aether Mod add to MCPE?

For those who are bored with the usual dimensions in Minecraft PE, crafters have created the Aether mod. You can go to a new world using the portal, and also get weapons with effects and armor.

Players will meet unusual mobs, some of them flying, others having horns.


The developer of the Aether Trident mod decided to give Minecraft PE users access to powerful weapons straight from the new dimension. The trident will not only give Steve extra strength but also add speed.

The player will have some improvements. To get strength from the paradise trident, users need to take it into their hands.


This mod offers Minecraft PE players 14 new blocks and 2 new mobs. There is a biome in the sky with a unique landscape. The сommand /summon:whirlwind will help spawn Aether creatures.

Sky dimension

The authors of this mod have invented a new dimension for Minecraft PE. Many players are wondering why there is still no Aether in the game. Meanwhile, developers are creating addons with unique features.

This place is distinguished by unusual mobs and vegetation. To get into the heavenly world, you need a special portal consisting of 8 light stones and one bucket of water in the center.


Users can meet unique mobs that not only look interesting but also have abilities in Aether. For example, a pig with wings can fly in Minecraft PE and even carry a player on itself.

Pigs, horned rabbits, and other unusual amphibians live in this dimension.

There are some hostile creatures that live in this dimension. Skeletons-angels and zombies spawn on its territory. By the way, the place even has its creepy bosses. One of the scariest mobs is a giant flying eye.

For battles with aggressive inhabitants of the sky world, the mod author created strong armor.