Ant Mod for Minecraft PE

Ant Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Ant Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn new insects, tame them, and use their abilities for survival!

What does Ant Mod add to MCPE?

Mod developers often create new animals for Minecraft PE. Players can add ants, tame and ride these insects in the game world.

There are many types of mobs. They have different sizes and unique abilities that can help Steve survive.


Insect lovers will appreciate this mod. The ants that will appear in Minecraft PE are amenable to taming. They can also be saddled. There are mobs in the deserts of the game world, and players can also see these mobs on the plains and in the savannas.

Little ants cannot be tamed: they are aggressive and can kill Steve. Tiny mobs are also dangerous, although they are weaker. Their movement speed is higher. Red and brown ones are neutral to players if they are not attacked by them.

The players can recognize the tamed by the green mark on its back, and this mob is also bigger than the others.

The most important feature of this mod is that tamed mobs can be saddled and roamed around the Minecraft PE world. Of course, they are not as fast as horses, but it is an unusual experience. Players need to sit on the insect and wait until it becomes tame, after which they can use a saddle.

By the way, horse armor will do, but only diamond. Also, this armor will help the ant avoid damage.


Ants in Minecraft PE can crawl into small gaps between blocks. In case of damage, players can treat their pets with sugar, apples, and melons.

Insects from this mod do not attack each other, even if they belong to different species.

Ants Plus

Ants are one of the most useful insects, which, moreover, have unsurpassed strength. As everyone knows, these creatures can lift weights significantly exceeding their weight. Now they will appear in Minecraft PE with this mod. In addition to the mobs, Anthills will appear in the block universe.

Players should not enter the new structure: they will have to fight with every ant. Ants can drop items that help players can create an ant helmet. The mob can be given an apple so that it stops attacking. Seeds are used for reproduction.

There are three variants of anthills available: on the plain, in the jungle, and the flower forest. The inner part of the new structure has many passages.