Apple Mod for Minecraft PE

Apple Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Apple Mod for Minecraft PE: get additional effects using new items, and improve surviving!

What does Apple Mod add to MCPE?

Players can find and use apples in the game world. Developers created this mod for those who want more variants of these items in Minecraft PE.

Apple Plus

This addon increases the number of varieties of apples in Minecraft PE. The items can be useful in certain situations. Players cannot always get the required amount of gold, so the assembly will help to get the necessary items at all stages of the game.

The mod adds items with many effects: it is possible to get better jumps, regeneration effect, fire resistance, invisibility, increased health, night vision, and more.

More Trees

The MoreTrees tree mod should appeal to all players who like to create their farms and grow plants. Now users can get new fruit trees in Minecraft PE, on which apples, lemons, and pears will grow.

It is possible to receive a harvest from them.


By planting an apple tree, Minecraft PE players can harvest in the form of new apples, eating which the character will receive a health regeneration effect for 30 seconds.

After harvesting from a pear tree, it is possible to use its fruits to obtain the effect of night vision, the duration of which will be 30 seconds. From the lemon tree, the mod users will be able to collect lemons that will give the character a 30-second resistance to fire damage after eating.

Energy drink

This apple mod offers one more option. If Minecraft PE players combine all the new fruits with a flask and fire powder, they will craft an energy drink that gives the main character the effects of regeneration, night vision, and fire resistance for 80 seconds.

Apple Trees

The mod allows Minecraft PE players to grow apples on trees. There will be five stages of fruit growth in the game.

Sometimes a golden apple can grow randomly on a tree, but this happens rarely.