Artillery Mod for Minecraft PE

Artillery Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Artillery Mod for Minecraft PE: use weapons, transport, and other items for great wars with friends in the game world!

What does Artillery Mod add to MCPE?

Many people like to arrange battles with friends in the Minecraft PE game world. To do this, developers are constantly creating new mods with weapons, equipment, and artillery. This addon will be a great way to add a lot of items for the war. Besides, players can find four tanks from different countries for their battles.

Sometimes the player needs powerful guns, which are simply not in the standard set of items. In this case, this addon will be useful, as it offers a large selection of different models for battles. Many of them can even shoot down military vehicles.


For the war in Minecraft PE, users may need a lot of weapons, artillery, and tanks. This mod will allow you to take several models of combat vehicles for combat. The peculiarity is that everyone will be able to choose a tank from a different country. Thus, it will be more convenient for players to play in teams to distinguish between enemies and allies.

To get on the tank, Steve has to get closer to it and press the button.

The user needs to enable the experiment mode in the settings, and then activate the addon. Then he will get access to all the functions.


The addon adds three types of artillery guns for Minecraft PE players. Each of the models has great firepower and can destroy even the most durable tanks. With the help of new weapons, players can shoot at military aircraft and helicopters at a long distance. It is the perfect mod for fighting in multiplayer games with friends.

The player can get into an artillery piece: to do this, he needs to approach the object and press the button.

By the way, the player first needs to load the weapon. In the inventory, they will find several types of shells.