Assassin Mod for Minecraft PE

Assassin Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Assassin Mod for Minecraft PE: become a dangerous warrior using unique blades, items for training, and other useful elements!

What does Assassin Mod add to MCPE?

The famous Assassin Creed game has popularity in the gaming community. Minecraft PE players have already evaluated items from a familiar plot using addons for Java. This mod gives Bedrock Edition users the chance to become heroes of the franchise. There are many weapons, training items, and additional parkour skills.

Main features

There are not so many items that the mod adds. Nevertheless, they help to attack and protect the Minecraft PE character from damage. It is easy to get them in the creative mode: players will find everything in the inventory. Besides, users can practice their parkour with new skills.

All this staff will help players feel like warriors from Assassin Creed.


This mod adds several types of Assassin blades to the game. Some of them are invisible. Minecraft PE player can use all of them to protect the character from attacking mobs.

Among the weapons, users will find a sword, throwing knives to attack from a distance, and much more. It is also worth trying on the Assassin armor. The elements of the costume cover the main character’s face, and he looks like a real ninja.

Those who want to start training should take an item called Training Dummy from the inventory. It is possible to practice different attacks with weapons on it. And players can also hide behind it, fleeing from enemies. Haystacks can be used the same way.

Additional Skills

Minecraft PE users should not forget to enable the experimental mode to get all the Assassin mod abilities. There are some new parkour skills that players can have. It is easy to use. For example, a player can sit on a fence if he gets closer to it and jumps up.