Avatar Mod for Minecraft PE

Avatar Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Avatar Mod for Minecraft PE: get magic powers to fight enemies, and tame unique creature of the game!

What does Avatar Mod add to MCPE?

The mod will continue the list of magical items in Minecraft PE. Fans of the Avatar are invited to become the owner of new abilities, put on magic armor, and get acquainted with unique creatures.

Players can feel themselves as characters or the famous story, and control nature of the game world using new effects. It is recommended to activate the Creative mode.

The Last Airbender

The developers have combined the game world of Minecraft PE and the Avatar universe, creating The Last Airbender mod. Players can get unique themed items, such as fireproof armor.

To get the armor, users need to enter /function armor.

Among the additional magic mobs, the user will see a bison. This animal will be another way to travel the world because it can be saddled.

There will be another cute, friendly fluffy mob from the Avatar, which can swim in MCPE waters.

Super Powers

Installing this mod will allow players to get abilities from the famous Avatar cartoon. The forces of different elements are offered to choose from, which can be selected.

The /function command helps players select abilities in Minecraft PE. The command /function useful_tools is to create items. After that, players need to throw things out of the quick inventory.

Users can get the power of a fire mage, earth, water, air, and an Avatar’s ability. A fire mage has the ability to shoot fire, summon lightning, and is also immune to lava.

The Avatar power has all the abilities at once.

The earth magician does not receive negative effects from earth blocks and knows how to manage the soil. Water breathes underwater and can cause flooding in Minecraft PE. The air mage hovers in the sky and does not take damage from falls.