Avengers Mod for Minecraft PE

Avengers Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Avengers Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn your favorite Marvel characters, fight using new armor, and much more!

What does Avengers Mod add to MCPE?

The heroes of the Marvel universe remain among the most popular among Minecraft PE players. The developers have created a mod that has almost all the avengers. Each of them has abilities that make them unique. Players can meet unusual mobs, watch them fight among themselves, and even try on unusual armor.


The author created copies of the most popular Marvel Avengers in Minecraft PE. These are the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther and many others. A whole team will fight on the side of good. Also, the mod users will be able to get acquainted with the evil character. Thanos in the story wants to take over the world, and the avengers must prevent him from doing so.

Once close, the heroes will fight among themselves.

The task of all new mobs of the game is to help the MCPE player defeat Thanos.


The mod contains some items that any Marvel Avengers fan will recognize. For example, players can spawn Tesseract in Minecraft PE. Some items can help in the fight against aggressive mobs. For example, Captain America’s shield will protect Steve from damage.

By the way, infinity stone can give the player additional powers and abilities. Of course, the author could not help but add the Infinity Gauntlet to the game.

For battles in the game world, users are also offered updated armor.

Other details

The Avengers mod will bring some more changes to Minecraft PE. For example, the developer replaced Nether with a new dimension called Quantum Realm. It is worth knowing that in the territory of this dimension, the player must wear a special suit for protection. The End will also be replaced by a brand-new location called Soul World.

To visit new dimensions, the player needs to build portals and use them.