Axolotl Mod for Minecraft PE

Axolotl Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Axolotl Mod for Minecraft PE: meet different types of underwater mobs and tame them!

What does Axolotl Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE users like these cute mobs of the game world. This mod will add some new axolotls and let players tame them.

The creatures have different textures and functions. Players can spawn these animals in many colors. There are exotic variants and usual colors: red, yellow, and blue.

Axolotl Concept

There are new colors have been added to axolotl by this mod for Minecraft PE. The developers give them an excellent function. Mobs will be able to protect the players from enemies. So Steve will be protected in the water.

Players can safely continue to walk through the aquatic biomes of MCPE without fear of attack from the outside.

This addon requires activation of the experimental mode before use.

More Variants

There will be many axolotls around the player thanks to this mod. Steve can tame them and breed them with ease. The main thing is not to forget to feed them. Then these cute creatures will become best friends to players.

Thanks to the bright colors, axolotls in Minecraft PE will always be noticeable. So it will be easy for users to see them.

This addon users will find all new variants in the inventory of the creative mode.

Tameable Axolotls

With the help of this mod, users will meet unique variants of these creatures. It will be possible not only to tame but also to turn them into mutants. In the biomes of Minecraft PE, several species will spawn: domestic, mutants, and wild.

Wild axolotls do not belong to anyone: they can also be tamed. Players should have some fish for it.

The most loyal are domestic ones. They will always help and take care of Steve. Mutant axolotls can also give benefits to players. After all, with its help, the player gets new effect in Minecraft PE.