Barricades Mod for Minecraft PE

Barricades Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Barricades Mod for Minecraft PE: build additional structures to protect your characters from all dangerous enemies, use additional items, and much more!

Main Features of the Barricades Mod for MCPE

Developers offer Minecraft PE players to build even more barricades to protect their character from aggressive mobs. At the same time, it is possible to use different materials including wood, metal, and others. It will help users during games with friends to hide and resist attacks.

The mod features will be available to users if they enable experiments in the settings.

Wooden Barricade

For players who frequently face a security problem in Minecraft PE, this mod has been created. With its help, it is possible to board up windows to escape from monsters. Also, the constructions will help to fence off a plot of land for the privacy of the player. Wooden barricades will become new element to protect the character from various dangers.

To create items on their own, the player can use new recipe.

If the player uses the creative mode, he will be able to find all the new blocks in the inventory.

PUBG Resources

This mod adds some items from the PUBG. Minecraft PE players can use new barricades to protect the character from other mobs. Using wooden fences, the character can create a safe place to wait out the attack and gain strength.

Additional options

The mod is unique in that it adds other items besides barricades, including weapons, helmets, and even vehicles. For example, for movement, the developer added legendary cars on which players will quickly get to the destination. All items are made in the style of a popular game. Besides, new buildings will appear on the territory of the world, in which resources are stored.

This is a great option for playing on the Minecraft PE server. All items can be obtained in the inventory if the players are in creative mode.