Basketball Mod for Minecraft PE

Basketball Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Basketball Mod for Minecraft PE: try new sports in the virtual world, get balls, game fields, and much more!

What Basketball Mod can add to MCPE?

Many people like to play basketball in real life. To become an athlete in the virtual space, Minecraft PE players just need to download this mod. Users will be able to get all the items for the game, invite friends and arrange a match right in their world.


This mod offers the largest range of sports that Minecraft PE users can try. Ball games are mainly presented. Among them are basketball, tennis, and even badminton. In addition to balls, the developers have created courts for organizing real competitions.

By the way, players can get sports items with the /summon spe command by adding the appropriate name to the line.


Thanks to this basketball mod, a lot of different sports equipment appears in Minecraft PE. These are sports uniforms, balls and other attributes of players, but also tennis courts and playgrounds.

By the way, players have the opportunity to install a variety of tennis courts, rings and nets, thus creating a full-fledged sports ground. The addon includes large rackets, or badminton rackets. Everyone is free to choose the sport that he likes.

If players want to play volleyball, there is also a special net and a suitable ball in the inventory.


This mod will especially appeal to fans of ball games, as the developers have added different sports. For example, Minecraft PE users can play basketball and volleyball. There are also special tennis courts.

Users can play alone, improving their skills. And experienced athletes can assemble whole teams and participate in friendly matches.

By the way, if the players decide to play in a team, then he can select a bright sports uniform for each participant.