Bear Mod for Minecraft PE

Bear Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Bear Mod for Minecraft PE: settle several new animal variants in the game world!

What does Bear Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players often want to see more new animals in their world, thanks to mods it is possible to do this. For example, there are various types of bears, among them gray, white, brown, and grizzly. An interesting feature is that players can also tame these animals.

Better Bears

The animals can be tamed and used for their own purposes in Minecraft PE. These mobs are now on the player’s side thanks to the mod. The addon will suggest more varieties of these wild animals.

In the taiga biome, players can see black animals and grizzlies, and gray animals live in the jungle. And the usual white bears received updated textures and behaviors. The mobs will behave in the game the same way as foxes: hold objects in their paws and eat. However, this applies only to adults.

Players can feed the bears with different types of meat and fish in raw and cooked form, bread, cookies, apples, melon, sweet berries and some other products.

Mobs behavior

The animals in Minecraft PE are not sitting or sleeping. But at night and during thunderstorms, they can’t sleep. If they are tamed, they will be able to sleep in the rain, at night, and during the day.

To make the mobs sit, players need to press the sneak button. And they can also color the collars of their pets with the help of dyes.

By the way, no more fish will fall out of polar bears after death.

The mod users can use the animal as a transport: to do this, they need to order sitting down, and then get up. After that, the beast will not sit down until the sneak button is pressed. Minecraft PE users should not forget to take a saddle to ride.

It is worth considering that bear babies cannot be tamed, they must first be raised. Small mobs will ignore the player’s commands until he helps them become adults.


By installing this mod in Minecraft PE, players need to walk carefully through the woods. Now they can be attacked by dangerous mobs that were not in the game before.

Brown bears and grizzlies are quite aggressive, but if players manage to defeat the animal, raw meat and skin will fall out of it, these items can be used for their own purposes.