Bee Mod for Minecraft PE

Bee Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Bee Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn insects, use additional items, get some honey, and much more!

What does Bee Mod add to MCPE?

Players often want to add certain animals and insects to Minecraft PE. Bees are no exception, and anyone can spawn these buzzing insects with the help of a mod. And it is also possible to add new items to the game that can help players survive. The developers offer to attack new mobs, collect honey, and much more.


In Minecraft PE, as you know, there are bees. But it wasn’t always like that, and if one of the players wants to add these cute insects to the game on their own. These mobs are different from the Java edition. It is possible to use the options of this mod only when the experiment mode is enabled.

If the player kills a bee, the creature will most typically drop honey.


New mobs are aggressive in Minecraft PE. Bees have 1 damage and 8 health. Honey also appears in the game, which players can collect from killed insects. Also, honey bottles are available to the mod users, which they can craft.

Swarm Craft

The author of the mod was inspired by the Bee Swarm Simulator game and created his own creation on the expanses of Minecraft PE. Now, players can create your own hive and grow insects. Create your own army of bees, extract pollen, get honey and exchange it for useful things.


To use all the mod options, Minecraft PE players need to first create the first bee. This is done using a special spawn egg. The domestication of an insect is possible with the help of a jar of jelly. The mob will follow a player and collect pollen.

The addon introduces players to the shop. There is a special insect allows users to buy spawn eggs or an item to increase the level of mobs. The developer created a menu where players can choose the options.

Each time, the spawn egg becomes more expensive.