Bendy Mod for Minecraft PE

Bendy Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Bendy Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn ink monsters, fight them with additional weapons, meet new friends, and survive using items.

What does Bendy Mod add to MCPE?

There are many fans of Bendy among Minecraft PE users. The mod developers offers to introduce the heroes of this plot into the world. There are creepy mobs, as well as new friends for Steve.


As many people know, there are several monsters in the famous game. Searchers look like an ink man and attack users and villagers as well. This creature spawns at night. The Bendy mod developers also added Miner Searcher with a large health reserve. It has a helmet on its head.

fileIf Searcher has a hat on his head, it means that he is the boss. Its health is 400, and spawn is rare. It will be difficult for a Minecraft PE player to fight such a creature.

A projectionist named Norman Polk is an aggressive mob. It consists of ink and has a health of 300. The peculiarity of the monster is that it does not see the player until he is under the spotlight. There is also a unique underwater mob – a Giant Hand. This creature can drown the player.

There are also several friends from the Bendy mod of the MCPE player: Alice, Tom, and Boris. They can even be tamed and fed with bread or mushroom soup.


There is a giant carousel named Bertrum Piedmont. Interestingly, when the mob attacks, the Minecraft PE player can not hit it. Brute Boris from the mod has a health of 400 units. It has three stages, at each of which the monster becomes bigger. Beast Bendy cannot be destroyed with a weapon. It is immortal and invincible. There is only one way to defeat him with a new item – a reel.

By the way, the monster drops pieces of the reel.

To get them, the player can also use the command: /give @s batim:reel_piece.
And to get an item right away, there is a command – /give @s batim:reel.

The Ink demon is no less dangerous for players since its health level is unknown. This mob is rare, but it can unexpectedly attack Steve.

Weapons and items

There are some weapons to kill monsters. The Bendy mod adds an axe with damage of 15. There is also a pipe, a wrench, a gun, and a sword. To have these items Minecraft PE users should enter some commands:

  • /give @s batim:axe;
  • /give @s batim:pipe;
  • /give @s batim:wrench;
  • /give @s batim:sword;
  • /give @s batim:tommygun.

There is also Ink Machine that can be activated by a lever. MCPE players can have new furniture in Bendy style. To get the elements, the mod users should type /function, and see the available commands.