Bigfoot and Yeti Mod for Minecraft PE

Bigfoot and Yeti Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Bigfoot and Yeti Mod for Minecraft PE: meet dangerous monsters in snowy biomes, take the best armor, and protect the character from the giant mobs!

What does Bigfoot and Yeti Mod add to MCPE?

Every Minecraft PE player has heard of a creature that lives in snowy biomes. Yeti and Bigfoot are among the strongest monsters. This mod will add these mobs to the game. Monsters will have high health indicators, so the player will have to use the best weapons and pour armor against them. These creatures drop some loot after their death.

Players need to make sure that experiment mode is enabled in the game settings before using the addon.

Giant Yeti

Bigfoot and Yeti fans can easily spawn a giant monster because he replaces the iron golem thanks to the mod. To create a monster, Minecraft PE players will need blocks of iron and a pumpkin.

The most interesting thing is that if a player defeats Yeti, he will get a lot of cool loot. The creature drops many items at once, among which there is even a Nether star.

How to spawn a mob?

To create a mob from Bigfoot and Yeti mod, Minecraft PE users will need to find grass and put four iron blocks on it. The pumpkin needs to be put up. The main thing is to do it on the grass. The monster’s health is 440, and the damage is 5-18. It is better to put on good armor and take a weapon before spawning the creature.

The main advantage of Steve is that he is faster than Yeti.

Bigfoot and Yeti

Those who love mysterious stories about Bigfoot and Yeti will like this mod. It will introduce two new characters into the Minecraft PE game world at once. Both of them will be custom: the developer did not replace any creatures of the game but introduced new ones. Bigfoot has a health of 500 and damage of 21. This mob will spawn in the woods.

Yeti is another dangerous monster that will appear in MCPE. It will spawn in icy biomes. His health indicators are the same as Bigfoot’s.