Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE

Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE: meet heroes and dangerous characters from a famous movie!

What does Black Panther Mod add to MCPE?

For all fans of Marvel heroes, developers have created a Black Panther mod. This character combines courage, excellent physical fitness and unique natural abilities. Minecraft PE players can meet him in their world, as well as get to know his friends and enemies.


It is worth noting that the mod offers not only a meeting with Black Panther and other mobs, but also crafting some details of the heroes’ clothing so that the player can get an unusual appearance and abilities. There are also some weapons that will help Minecraft PE users to defeat all the opponents.

The addon options only work if the player has selected the experimental mode in the game settings.


Black Panther is the main character of the mod. In the original story, he is the king and protector of the nation of Wakanda. Along with the unique abilities he gets from ancient plants, the hero also has the scientific knowledge and traditions of his country. He has strength and has different techniques of fighting. The developers took all this into account when creating a mob for Minecraft PE.

In addition to the main character, others will appear in the game world. For example, Attuma, Eric Killmonger, and Ulysses Klaue. Some have unusual abilities, for example, Iron Heart will fly through the sky.

Weapons and armor

Every fan of the Black Panther story knows that the characters have dangerous weapons. Minecraft PE players do not cost anything to get themed items for combat and defeat enemies with them. To do this, players need to use the crafting recipes that the mod offers. For example, the user can create a sword, a trident and much more.

By the way, the main character’s armor elements are also available for crafting.