Blast Furnace Mod for Minecraft PE

Blast Furnace Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Blast Furnace Mod for Minecraft PE: use improved items to get more resources in the game world easily and fast!

What does Blast Furnace Mod add to MCPE?

There are a lot of blocks and items for survival in the game world. Every user try to get new devices to create different resources.

While some players want to make blast furnace in Minecraft PE, others already use it and download addons like ic2. This mod helps to get necessary items faster and easier.

Portable furnace

There are new items from this mod that run on coal will appear in Minecraft PE instead of ordinary and blast furnaces. Only the netherite variant differs from all – it gives endless fire.

Players will no longer need to put stoves to melt objects – just put everything on the craft table.

Furnace Plus

With the Furnace Plus mod, new types of items will appear in the Minecraft PE game world. Players will be able to melt resources faster using them.

Now Steve can use not only regular and blast furnaces but many other options: netherite, diamond, copper, and others. Each new item has unique features. By the way, a netherite stove can be improved with the help of objects.

Players need to enable the experiment functions for the mod to work properly.

It is worth using a pickaxe to break a new item in MCPE. If the pickaxe does not work, the command /event entity @e give will help.

Better Blast Furnace

This unique mod is created for Minecraft PE players who need to craft items for survival. It is possible to create a stone in a blast furnace, so many users will like it.

Experienced players have repeatedly faced a situation when they need a lot of stone blocks: the developer of this modification solved the problem.

Players can also get glass, smooth stone, brick blocks, and dry sponges. It does not matter, how do you use a blast furnace in Minecraft PE: new options and recipes make the game better.