Blaster Mod for Minecraft PE

Blaster Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Blaster Mod for Minecraft PE: get more than fifty variants of powerful weapons, use them to protect your character, and attack enemies!

What does Blaster Mod add to MCPE?

The unique Blasters mod adds more than 50 new weapons. These are items for defeating opponents at a long distance. Even experienced players will be surprised by their power. It is possible to defeat any mob in Minecraft PE. Since there are a lot of different models in the inventory, each user will find a suitable one for himself.

Players need to make sure that the experiment mode is enabled in the game settings.


The new guns can have many functions. Some of the Minecraft PE players need to remove a lot of blocks at once to find resources in the depths of the earth. Someone is defending their home from enemies and needs a powerful weapon. Blaster mod solves all these problems.

Weapon options

Users who are used to a limited set of tools and weapons in Minecraft PE will be surprised by the capabilities of blasters. The mod will add iron weapons with a lot of damage.

Players will also be able to use rocket launchers to attack from a long distance. There are models among the new items that can blow up everything around, for example, TNT Cannon. Some guns shoot fire, snowballs, etc.

Players can get all the items in the inventory if they use the creative mode.

Additional features

The developer decided not only to give Minecraft PE players powerful weapons for combat but also new opportunities. Many have encountered a situation where objects break during a battle. The Blasters mod provides for the repair of all models, which makes players almost invincible.

It is worth using new guns with caution, given their destructive power. Users can try shooting at objects that are far away to understand the power of the weapon.