Brawl Stars Mod for Minecraft PE

Brawl Stars Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Brawl Stars Mod for Minecraft PE: cute characters of the famous game with their unique abilities in the game world!

What does Brawl Stars Mod add to MCPE?

For players who love Brawl Stars no less than Minecraft PE, the developers have created a unique mod that repeats the characters in the game world.

Users can meet the heroes and their abilities and get new items by activating the addon.

This modification works with an activated experimental mode.

Brawl Craft

It is a simple mod with Brawl Stars mobs, repeating the characters in Minecraft PE. Everyone will have their characteristics and weapons. Players can see Rose, El Primo, Spike, and other heroes among the familiar creatures.

This addon involves turning the player into Frank. Many people remember this funny hero. As fans know, he is armed with a unique hammer. A special command /function frank has been created for this. After that, Steve will have the hero’s abilities and effects.

Characters will spawn in MCPE by summoning eggs. Users can also use the / function command by adding the desired name at the end.

Brawl Pass

As fans know, the game was updated in 2020. The mod developers for Minecraft PE did not ignore this fact and made an updated edition.

Players can make new friends in the person of familiar characters from Brawl Stars. Each of them has abilities similar to the original and also their items.


Players will receive additional rewards in the virtual world thanks to this mod. They are dedicated to the game plot. This addon contains much more mobs than the previous one.

Rose can be recognized in Minecraft PE by her original hairstyle. El Primo will be familiar to players thanks to her mask. Players can invite their friends and meet new heroes together.

Also, players will find green Spike, cheerful BO, and other heroes of Brawl Stars.