Brick Mod for Minecraft PE

Brick Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Brick Mod for Minecraft PE: build unique structures using more materials, find more blocks, and decorate the world!

What does Brick Mod add to MCPE?

Users often use bricks to create buildings in the virtual world of Minecraft PE. This is a reliable material that withstands loads and helps to build shelters from aggressive mobs. The mod contains new versions of this resource for players.

Jontron Bricks

This unusual mod allows Minecraft PE players to glue blocks to any surface during construction. It is possible to do this for decoration purposes, but the addon also offers other options.

To get an item that is glued to the walls, the player needs the command /give @s js:brick_placeable. In this case, items can be placed in different directions.

It is worth considering that in four seconds the block will fall.

There are also items that can be thrown at other users, and they will fall using a special animation. In this case, the mod user requires the command /give @s js:brick.

More Bricks

it seemed to the developers that there were not enough different variants of bricks in the game, and they created this mod. Minecraft PE players gain access to crafting recipes to create unusual items. For example, it can be made from magma. From the resources obtained, players can create unique buildings with an interesting design.

Obtaining materials is possible only with the use of experimental functions.


With this mod, players can decorate ruins or abandoned buildings in Minecraft PE. New bricks will be scattered on the territory. In total, the developer added 13 variants of stones.

How to get materials?

Minecraft PE players can get all kinds of materials in the stonecutter. The mod users need to put a brick there, and then select the block they need. And they can also get it using the command /give @p f:ruina.