Bug Mod for Minecraft PE

Bug Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Bug Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn different insects, get more loot, walk through dangerous territories, and much more!

What does Bug Mod add to MCPE?

There are many big and small animals in Minecraft PE. Some players want to see more insects in the game world. Players can add new fauna using this mod. Some bugs will be aggressive, others peaceful.
Some creatures can serve as food and some drop items for survival.


Among the creatures of this bug mod, Steve can get new pets in Minecraft PE. For example, ladybugs.
They only need to be fed so that they follow the player. Worms are also harmless creatures that crawl around the game world.

Scorpions will become more dangerous. They can attack and attack users. Also, with the help of this addon, MCPE players will meet no less aggressive scarabs.

Ordinary flies will inhabit the game world and will not bring any harm or benefit.

Stick Bug

This mod adds only one insect, but it is unusual and cute. The creature will spawn in places with much grass. The mob in Minecraft PE is bigger than in life.

The stick bug has no features at all. These creatures are just cute traveling around the game world.


Unlike the standard colorful biomes of Minecraft PE, this mod will add a sense of the world after the apocalypse. The Wasteland biomes will become the habitat of bugs and flies.


Many dangerous bugs in Minecraft PE spawn in new biomes. Cockroaches drop meat, which serves as food for players. Users can meet Tube Worms or Blood Wings.

The mod developers have added additional functions to the wasteland slider and Horn Fly. New items will drop out of them.


The bug mod makes the Minecraft PE world lifeless and dark. There are no leaves on trees, and the territories are empty. Players can find random loot that spawns in the game world.