Bulldozer Mod for Minecraft PE

Bulldozer Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Bulldozer Mod for Minecraft PE: build roads in the game world with the help of modern technology, move around on new vehicles and much more!

What does Bulldozer Mod add to MCPE?

Players often want to make their world more modern. Those who build roads in Minecraft PE will love bulldozer mo useful. Players can use it to break blocks and build structures.

In order for the mod to work correctly, users must first enable the experiment mode.

Heavy machine

The mod will open access to a bulldozer and other road equipment in the Minecraft PE world. All models of machines look realistic and have many details.

The addon adds a bulldozer, an excavator, a truck, and other items for the roads of the game world.


The mod does not just serve for transportation but performs various functions in Minecraft PE. At the same time, the cabin and all the details of the equipment are made with accuracy. There are many buttons as in the real bulldozer.

With this modification, users can feel like road builders, assemble a team of workers, and equip their game world. With this technique, it is possible to break any blocks in MCPE.

All kinds of new machines can be created using summoning eggs from inventory.


The mod was created for Minecraft PE players who want to drive a bulldozer. The developer decided to add another transport. As a result, 15 different ways of movement are available to players.

To get into the cab, they need to get closer and press the button near the machine.

In addition to the bulldozer, Steve can ride a bike and motorcycle. The modification author has prepared a helicopter for Minecraft PE and an even more exotic version — a balloon for air travel fans.
Those who do not want to use new technologies will like an old-style horse-drawn cart.

By the way, every time a bulldozer spawns, its color is different.