Cake Mod for Minecraft PE

Cake Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cake Mod for Minecraft PE: try new craft recipes to make tasty dessert, and get additional effects!

What does Cake Mod add to MCPE?

Players who want to try new desserts and get some decor in the game world will like this mod. There are many craft recipes to make food and get unique effects.

The addon adds many additional items. Minecraft PE players can eat them and decorate their party. Players can get some cakes using simple commands or inventory in the creative mode.


This mod will add several types of cakes with different designs.
The desserts look very original. The items have functionality: they restore the hunger of the Minecraft PE player, and they can also serve as decor.

There are seventeen cakes that appear in the game world. The items will replace Schulker and its multicolored variants.

Cake Plus

The mod adds new items which differ not only in color and design but also in their properties. Each dessert will give the Minecraft PE user different effects: speed, night vision, immunity to fire, and others. If a player likes eating cakes, this addon is definitely for him.

These new types of food are crafted from potions and other elements. Players should use the command /give @p cakeplus to get the items in creative mode.

the dessert can be divided into eight pieces. Eating it, Minecraft PE players will receive effects. The recipe for crafting such items is similar to the classic one, but there are potions instead of milk. Other types of desserts are also available.

For example, a cake made of chorus fruit teleports the player, and the End eye dessert satisfies hunger.

More cake

The function of the new cakes will be to satisfy hunger, like any other food in Minecraft PE. It is also worth trying beautiful desserts as a holiday decoration in the game world.

Crafting recipes from this mod will be different from the usual ones.