Cartoon Cat Mod for Minecraft PE

Cartoon Cat Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cartoon Cat Mod for Minecraft PE: meet dangerous characters created by Trevor Henderson in the game world!

What does Cartoon Cat Mod add to MCPE?

Funny black cat like other characters of Trevor Henderson is a legend of animation. Many people try to transfer this animal to different universes, and Minecraft PE is no exception. Players should not underestimate the mob: it is incredibly strong and aggressive towards all creatures. Also, users will be able to get acquainted with other monsters: Siren Head, Popcorn Cat, and others.

Players can try all the features of the mod if they pre-select the experiment mode in the menu.

Cartoon Cat

This creature, known for its appearance, at first glance makes the impression of a cute and fluffy cartoon cat in Minecraft PE. This monster mod will show its real character meeting players. The mob can attack anyone in the game world, and it is difficult to defeat it. It is possible with a good arsenal of weapons and the best armor.

Additional mobs

The Cartoon Cat mod includes a powerful boss who is not only strong, but also disgustingly terrible. The Siren Head was invented by artist Trevor Henderson, after which the new creature found life in many other games, pictures or videos, as well as in Minecraft PE.

The boss is extremely tall – about seventeen blocks in height.

Creepy Creatures

The author of this Cartoon Cat mod offers fans of Trevor Henderson and his creativity a whole company of creatures. In one Minecraft PE game, such famous creatures as Pumpkin Head, Siren Head, Light Head, Popcorn Cat and others will gather.

Despite the large list of heroes, each mob has a unique character and an unusual texture of the image.

By the way, the developer also added special transport created by Trevor Henderson. An unusual car will help MCPE players save time and quickly get to the right places.