Cherry Biome Mod for Minecraft PE

Cherry Biome Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cherry Biome Mod for Minecraft PE: find beautiful trees, add new blocks, try unusual food, and much more!

What does Cherry Biome Mod add to MCPE?

The Cherry biome has already appeared in the recent Minecraft PE edition, but addon developers continue to offer their own versions of this area. Even before the appearance of an unusual location, a thematic mod with new trees appeared in the game, which improves all the functions of this biome.

Beautiful blocks and even food will appear in the game.


Firstly, it’s worth noting that this cherry biome mod offers more cherry tree features than the Trails and Tales update has.  In creative mode, the Minecraft PE player can find all the items and blocks in the inventory. This addon will help users a full-fledged home from new trees, put up a fence, plant unusual plants, try new food, and even meet a new mob in the game world.


Developers offer Minecraft PE players to use different types of wood thanks to the mod. The trees in the cherry biome can be ordinary, dark, or golden. Each of these materials is the basis for different items: doors, fences and much more. Three types of logs will appear in the game.

The new resources have a fairly wide range of applications, so players will be able to show imagination.


Developer cherry biome fashion introduced a new food. This distinguishes the mod from Trails and Tales update. For example, there are two types of cherries available to Minecraft PE players: regular and gold. There are also cherry pits. Thus, the player will have a new way to satisfy hunger and try something new.


As in any area of Minecraft PE, the cherry biome has its own inhabitants. Blossom Muncher is a large pink dinosaur. The mod main feature is that cherry trees grow on its back.

The creature is not dangerous for users and other inhabitants of the game world.