City Mod for Minecraft PE

City Mod for Minecraft PE

Download City Mod for Minecraft PE: build the whole town using simple commands, choose the house to survive, and invite friends!

What does City Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE users often look for villages in the game world. Some mods help to build their city and live there with friends.

Old Town

The developers offer the Old Town mod for those who want to create their city by placing ready-made buildings in the game world. There are little wooden houses, mansions, and forts among the objects.

First, the Minecraft PE player needs to find out the current location.

If, after opening the chat window and typing /, the arrow on the map points down, to place a building in this place, the player should use the command ending with s. If the arrow points up – n, down – s, left – w, right – e.

Cleaning of the territory before construction:

  • /function clear/lodge-n;
  • /function clear/lodge-s;
  • /function clear/lodge-e;
  • /function clear/lodge-w.

Combining a house with its surroundings in Minecraft PE:

  • /function merge/lodge-n;
  • /function merge/lodge-s;
  • function merge/lodge-e;
  • /function merge/lodge-w.

Clearing the territory before building a house:

  • /function clear/house-n;
  • /function clear/house-s;
  • /function clear/house-e;
  • /function clear/house-w.

The mod offers combining a house with an environment:

  • /function merge/house-n;
  • /function merge/house-s;
  • /function merge/house-e;
  • /function merge /house-w.

Clearing the Minecraft PE territory before the construction of the fort:

  • /function clear/fort-n;
  • /function clear/fort-s;
  • /function clear/fort-e;
  • /function clear/fort-w.

Combining a fort with an environment:

  • /function merge/fort-n
  • /function merge/fort-s
  • /function merge/fort-e
  • /function merge/fort-w.

Change in land area for building a city. They are the same both in the flat and in the infinite world:

  • /function clear/quartz;
  • /function clear/cobble;
  • /function clear/brick.

Instant Houses

Players who want to build a whole city created from ready-made buildings should use this mod. There are simple commands to spawn structures in Minecraft PE.

The developers created little houses, cottages, and mansions with fountains and gardens.

Users can know all the information by typing /function Help. The command /function Allbuids lets players build a city in a minute.

Quick Builds

This mod makes Minecraft PE players’ survival easier. The developer offers to get a city consisting of castles, houses, markets, taverns, and other buildings.

Each structure users can find in the inventory playing in creative mode.

It is a good option for those who want to build a city or village in one click and then decorate it.