Clash of Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Clash of Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Clash of Craft Mod for Minecraft PE: add a whole team of your favorite heroes to the game world!

What does Clash of Craft Mod add to MCPE?

As players know, it is possible to add almost any character to Minecraft PE. The authors of the modification decided that magic creatures from the legendary game should not be an exception.

The Clash of Craft mod adds a variety of creatures, among which users will see characters familiar to them.

Main features

Some heroes of the Clash of Craft mod will be enmity with each other since the original plot involves constant wars for villages. There are many creatures from the original plot.

All mobs have their attack methods, so Minecraft PE players can watch how the heroes from the famous game fight.


By activating the Clash of Craft mod in Minecraft PE, users will be able to get acquainted with a variety of characters. The author created giant golems, flying dragons, pirates, and many others.

Players will find the heroes in the creative mode inventory and spawn in the game world.

Mobs abilities

Barbarians have a health of 65 units and belong to ordinary warriors. Among the warriors, there will also be archers with a health of 75. These Minecraft PE mobs are very powerful in long-range combat.

The fastest among the Clash of Craft mod heroes will be a boar rider with a health of 145 units. Also, the Goblin will differ in speed, which can also pick up objects.

The Giant has the most health — as many as 450 units. The Golem is not far behind the Giant: its indicator is 350 units.

But the Headquarters, despite the health of 230, will cause some damage to their enemies.

Some of the new creatures have interesting abilities in Minecraft PE. For example, a miner can break blocks, and a wizard can throw fireballs. Some can summon mobs: the witch will spawn small skeletons.