Cockroach Mod for Minecraft PE

Cockroach Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cockroach Mod for Minecraft PE: find new unique insects in the game world biomes!

What does Cockroach Mod add to MCPE?

There are many mobs in the Minecraft PE game world, but developers added more realism by creating cockroaches, beetles, scorpions, and other insects.

Some of the fauna added by the mod will be aggressive. And some can be tamed, while the rest will be neutral.


It is possible to add cockroaches, ladybugs, worms, and other insects to the game. Players also can have new pets in Minecraft PE using this mod. It is necessary to feed mobs.

With the help of this addon, Minecraft PE players will meet aggressive and harmless creatures. Worms are not dangerous for players: they crawl around the game world. Scorpions can attack users and other mobs.

Ordinary flies will inhabit the game world and will not bring any harm or benefit.


Players tired of the usual animals in Minecraft PE are recommended to install this cockroach mod. It will diversify the fauna and add new mobs with new functionality.

Mosquitoes, dragonflies, and fireflies will have their characteristics. Dragonflies can attack and eat other insects, and mosquitoes can steal the player’s experience.

In addition to the new insects, this addon includes some other animals in the MCPE. For example, a raccoon and various birds: a crow, a goose, and others. The mod developers have added different abilities to each of them.


Unlike the standard colorful biomes of Minecraft PE, this mod will add a sense of the world after the apocalypse. The wasteland will become the habitat of cockroaches and horned flies.


Cockroaches from this mod drop meat, which serves as food for Steve. More rare mobs may appear in Minecraft PE, for example, an underground worm or a cave caterpillar.

The developers have added additional functions to the wasteland slider and horned fly. New items will drop out of them.