Cola Mod for Minecraft PE

Cola Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cola Mod for Minecraft PE: try different drinks with unusual effects, buy more items using money, and travel on a red truck through the game world!

What does Cola Mod add to MCPE?

Many players like Coca-Cola and this mod is created for them. Minecraft PE users will get more drinks with effects and different food that they can by using money. There are craft recipes to get new items.

The developers also offer to use the famous red truck with a logo as transport in the game world.

Mint and Cola

Soda lovers will appreciate the Mint and Cola mod. Many items in Minecraft PE will change their usual appearance. For example, creepers will be brown, and the same carbonated drink will splash out when the creatures explode.

By the way, mint armor will also appear in the game. It will give the player improved movement speed.

Coca Cola Truck

There is an opportunity to ride on the Coca-Cola Truck from the commercial familiar to everyone in Minecraft PE. The mod will add a transport that helps players get to the right place and take many items on the journey.

Steve should come close to the truck and press the bottom to get into the cabinet.

Vending Machine

Minecraft PE players can get Cola and more famous drinks with the Vending Machine mod. It is necessary to use the experiment mode to get chips, chocolates, and other goods. Players can craft money to buy all they need. The machine itself can also be created using a recipe.

There will be apple juice and other drinks with effects, snacks, sweets, and other additional food, among the new items.

Users of the Coca-Cola mod will recognize Sprite, Fanta, and many other drinks. And some unique items will give Steve some effects. For example, golden soda is similar to a golden apple. The End drink teleports the player randomly, and slime one gives Minecraft PE players high jumps.