Cold Biome Mod for Minecraft PE

Cold Biome Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cold Biome Mod for Minecraft PE: try to survive in the eternal winter among the ice blocks without resources and any help!

What does Cold Biome Mod add to MCPE?

Players who like winter and beautiful landscapes may miss all this in the familiar reality of Minecraft PE. Such cold biomes are a real test of survival for players. In conditions where there is only snow around, the game becomes much more complicated.

Winter Season

The developer was clearly inspired by the famous Seasons addon for Minecraft PE. But this time, players are offered not a change of seasons, but eternal winter and many cold biomes inside the game world. The changes will affect absolutely all the territories: forests, deserts and plains.

The gameplay will become much more interesting after installing this mod.

Infinite Snow World

The addon will turn the entire Minecraft PE into a cold biome. Snow appears on the surface of the earth throughout the game world. After installing the mod, all reservoirs will be covered with a crust of ice. It is worth considering that the addon will work correctly only when the experimental mode is activated in the settings.

By the way, in the world of snow created with the help of the addon, players can observe a stunningly beautiful snowfall.

Cold Biome

this is the most difficult mod to survive with a cold biome. Minecraft PE users will walk through a constant snowfall with zero visibility. Everything around will turn into an eternal winter, so it will be even more difficult for players to extract resources. For those who go to the desert, the developer recommends wearing leather armor, since there is a lot of powdered snow in this biome.

An unexpected advantage for players will be faster movement along rivers and lakes, since all the water will turn into ice.

There is another plus of the mod: it is easier to see colored objects on a white background.