Concrete Mod for Minecraft PE

Concrete Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Concrete Mod for Minecraft PE: add new colors and forms of blocks using simple commands and craft recipes, build beautiful and safe structure, and more!

What does Concrete Mod add to MCPE?

Many people use concrete as a building material in Minecraft PE. This mod allows users to get new versions of this block, diversify the color palette and give additional opportunities to players. To use the new resources, players need to first go to the experimental settings and select all the options.


Minecraft PE players can easily add a new palette to a familiar game with this unique mod. To obtain all types of blocks, users will only need a block of concrete and a stonecutter. Players can take any color of the block and put it in the stonecutter, each time getting new options. The colors are more delicate and are suitable for creating unique buildings.

The function is very simple and works even in survival mode.


After installing this mod, Minecraft PE players will have the opportunity to create sixteen different colors for slabs of concrete. This will allow them to create colorful and diverse buildings, the design of which will be limited only by their imagination. The recipe for crafting these slabs will be quite simple, but it’s worth considering that when creating slabs will need three blocks of the same color.


The use of concrete blocks allows Minecraft PE players to build different objects. Since there are many colors of this material in the game, users can show imagination and create unique structures. This mod will expand the selection and add 115 beautiful colors. The developer decided to give players the opportunity to get new blocks without difficulty.

To do this, they just need to use the /give command. After that, players need to choose the desired color.