Controller Mod for Minecraft PE

Controller Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Controller Mod for Minecraft PE: get the ability to change the game world using new settings!

What does Controller Mod add to MCPE?

The developers of the controller mod give the user Minecraft PE power over the game world. You can change the weather or choose the distance to creatures.

Environment Controller

With the help of the mod, Minecraft PE players can add new mechanisms to the game. They will have access to the weather controller and other options. The advantage of the addon is that it works even survival mode.

Users can remove the night from the game without using cheats if they no longer want to escape from monsters.


Minecraft PE players can add rain, thunderstorms, and clear weather to their world with this mod. There are also several natural disasters. For example, you can arrange an earthquake or flood in the game.

To change the weather, you will need a new item. The user can create a car using a simple crafting recipe, as well as one Redstone, an iron block, and a stick. The /function craft_envcontroller command will show you how to do this.

A button will appear next to the controller. By clicking it, the player will see the cells. First, you need to put the desired item. You can experiment by adding a bucket of water, lava, a piston, or an anvil. Every time there will be a new natural phenomenon in MCPE.

There is the /function command to view all the mod features.

Entity Controller

The developer of this mod decided to allow Minecraft PE users to choose the distance at which the mobs will be located. The addon works in survival mode, and players can also use it in multiplayer.

A player should look at a simple crafting recipe to create a controller. He also should get a netherite and ender pearls.

How does it work?

To use the controller in Minecraft PE, players need to go to the mob and click on it. The mod offers to change the distance by adjusting it from 4 to 40 blocks.