Cow Mod for Minecraft PE

Cow Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cow Mod for Minecraft PE: add unusual fauna to the game biomes, interact with them, and get new items from the mobs!

What does Cow Mod add to MCPE?

Players constantly meet cows in the game world. These animals are all the same color and do not differ from each other in any way.
The developers wanted to diversify these Minecraft PE creatures with this mod: they added many mobs to the game.

Besides, some of the new creatures can share new items with Steve.

Cuter Vanilla Cows

The mod helps Minecraft PE players improve the appearance of vanilla mobs by adding details. There are also updated mushroom cows.

The animal looks like the Ayshire breed. Adults will wear horns, but babies do not have them. Also, the animals have ears and a tail.

These MCPE mobs have never looked cuter, so it’s time to start your own farm in the game world.


The mod adds 14 cows with beautiful plants on their backs. These animals spawn in different territories of the game: in forests, plains, swamps, and other biomes of Minecraft PE.

Creative mode will allow users to create them by summoning eggs.

Tulips and roses of different colors, poppies, cornflowers, daisies, dandelions, and lilies of the valley will grow on the animals.

There are more features: players can get food with interesting effects with the help of new mobs. While shearing cows, the MCPE player receives flowers that grow on the animal.

Genoa Cows

The addition will bring cows of unusual colors into the game, which at the same time will look realistic in Minecraft PE. There are black, brown, and white mobs appearing on the fields.

Animal spots will now be unique on each mob: users will no longer meet two identical cows.

Those who saw these animals in Minecraft Earth will easily recognize new creatures since the authors of this mod relied on existing mobs, but added some details.