Crazy Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Crazy Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Crazy Craft Mod for Minecraft PE: add many new abilities, unique creatures, cool weapon and dangerous enemies to the game world!

What does Crazy Craft Mod add to MCPE?

Players who are tired of the usual vanilla world of Minecraft PE will like the Crazy Craft. The developer has included more than 50 popular modifications there. This solution has become unique and has already been appreciated by many gamers.

Users should be aware that problems may occur on a weak device.

The developer recommends turning on the experimental mode before activating the mod.


The bottom line is that the developer has combined several mods into one set at once. For this reason, the weight of the file is impressive, so not every smartphone will work with such a load.

More than 50 addons are collected here. If a Minecraft PE player does not want to use any particular one of them, he needs to select it in the resource sets in the menu settings. For those who want to make their world unusual, players can install several mods from the crazy craft at once.

Many experienced players know that sometimes addons do not work together. But in this set, all the elements are combined.


Survival will be more difficult but more exciting for the Minecraft PE players. Crazy Craft mod is a unique opportunity to load characters from different plots into the world, take a lot of weapons and get unique effects and attacks. Moreover, the user will not need to search for addons separately for a long time and download them for hours.

The developers decided to cover all areas of interest of MCPE players. They added new mobs, weapons, items, and blocks. There are also mods in the set that add new biomes and structures.

The Crazy Craft content concerns not only the Overworld but also the territory of the End dimension and Nether.