Crossbow Mod for Minecraft PE

Crossbow Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Crossbow Mod for Minecraft PE: get some new types of cool weapons made of high-quality materials, and attack enemies from distance!

What does Crossbow Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE users are constantly fighting dangerous opponents and surviving in virtual reality with the help of improvised means. In this case, the mod can give players a new weapon in the player’s arsenal.

For example, a standard crossbow can deal damage even from a long distance. This addon developers have created their own versions of this weapon. They will take Steve’s survival to a new level and make the gameplay more exciting.

Many models of new items are made of very durable components, which adds strength to them.

New crossbows

The mod for unique crossbows for Minecraft PE will add high-quality weapons for battles. Players will even get models that are capable of releasing balls of fire and snowballs.

By the way, among the additional weapons, there is even a unique kind that can kill enemies with some effects.

Players can use a Shulker type to lift mobs into the air. And there is also one that shoots tridents. The most powerful weapon of the added will be one with shells of the End Dragon.

After importing this addon to MCPE, it is necessary to activate the experiment mode for the full operation of the add-on.

Additional crossbows

As players know, the Minecraft PE inventory contains several standard crossbows. But no one will refuse additional models of weapons, especially if they are made of more durable material. This mod adds some.


The crossbow mod will give Minecraft PE players several types of durable weapons for combat at once: gold, iron, diamond, and amethyst.

It is worth noting that the modification can be combined with ordinary arrows. They are convenient to use and hold in the left hand.