Custom NPC Mod for Minecraft PE

Custom NPC Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Custom NPC Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn many characters and explore the game world with new friends!

What does Custom NPC Mod add to MCPE?

Ordinary NPCs in Minecraft PE are boring to many users. This mod will add several custom inhabitants. The addition will also be helpful to map creators who want to populate the territory with mobs.

Custom NPC

This modification can add some characters that players have never met before. New villagers from the NPC mod are useless, but they will bring some variety to Minecraft PE.

At the same time, they are immortal and do not receive damage. To create characters, the author has provided special spawn eggs that users can get in the inventory.

By the way, you can give a custom mob a name using a tag. In this case, Steve gets friends with unique names.


There is a way to make friends with new mobs in Minecraft PE. This mod adds six characters: players can meet three boys and three girls. Each of the creatures has its unique textures.

The mobs have realistic textures and behavior scripts. These custom NPC will go after Steve just like real friends. Users can tame the creatures with cookies and explore the world together.

There is a possibility to rename the characters. Besides, if a player hit one of them, the mob can take umbrage.

Players can find spawn eggs for new mobs in the Creative inventory.

Improved villagers

After installing this NPC mod, players will meet improved villagers in the game world. These mobs in Minecraft PE are more realistic than usual.

They have new behavior scripts, and excellent animation of walking, swimming and sleeping. With this modification, it will not be boring to play at all.

The addon has a feature: in addition to ordinary villagers, there are hunters that have been introduced into the game. They are custom mobs and will chase players after using a special command / function START_MANHUNT / DREAM.

MCPE players do not have to use this mode, but it makes the gameplay more exciting.