Cyclops Mod for Minecraft PE

Cyclops Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Cyclops Mod for Minecraft PE: explore the swamp biome to meet monsters there, spawn mythical creatures in the game world, and try to survive!

What does Cyclops Mod add to MCPE?

Mod developers are constantly introducing unusual characters into the Minecraft PE game space. Cyclops, whom many people know as heroes of myths, will inhabit the game world, attacking users after installing the addon.

Swamp Monster

A creature with one eye lives in the swamps of the virtual world of Minecraft PE. Usually, players are bored in these territories, but after downloading this mod they need to walk there carefully because a cyclops can attack at any moment.

The main feature of the monster is its ability to steal items from players. Items can only be returned if a player kills cyclops.

The mob can attack other creatures of the game. For example, it can kill sheep, golems, and villagers.

Pocket Mythology

This mod will allow players to meet two types of cyclops in Minecraft PE: ordinary and magma. The first one has a health of 460 and is very aggressive to all mobs.

A magma monster with 800 health can glow in the dark. After his death, items may appear from which users will make weapons for themselves.

This addon brings many other creatures to MCPE: goblins, arctic scorpions, and other dangerous mobs.


Mythical characters with one eye will spawn in the Minecraft PE game world immediately after installing the mod. Cyclops has a health of 2100 and damage of 15. Creatures have high growth and can attack in different ways. It is difficult to fight them. Mobs can also summon meteorites.

The developer of this modification drew monsters most realistically: they look scary. Their spawn happens randomly, so MCPE players never know where the mob will appear.

Players should activate the experiment mode in the game settings to use this addon.