Damage Indicators Mod for Minecraft PE

Damage Indicators Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Damage Indicators Mod for Minecraft PE: make your world look like an RPG and defeat any aggressive mobs in the game world!

What does Damage Indicators Mod add to MCPE?

In the world of Minecraft PE, mobs are constantly attacking the player. Some users would like to make survival in RPG style. The developers propose to do this using a damage indicators mod.

This option allows players to simplify the gameplay and not waste extra time and effort in battle.

Health and Damage

Each inhabitant of the virtual world has its reserve of strength, so many players would like to know how many blows are needed to defeat this or that mob. This mod shows the level of health and damage inflicted on all mobs of the game world. The indicator appears only if the Minecraft PE player does not hit the creature.

If Steve strikes, a scale appears above the mob’s head, showing the level of the current state of a particular creature.

If the amount of health is significantly reduced after many strikes, the scale changes color: it turns yellow.

The main feature of this mod is that the user does not need to perform any additional actions: the indicators appear without any manipulation on the part of the player. The experimental mode must be activated for the addon to work.

Damage Indicator

Fighting enemies in Minecraft PE players face different challenges. For example, it is difficult for them to understand how many more blows they need to make to kill the enemy. Players want to know how much damage they inflict on their enemies during battles. This addon will help users see this information to properly expend forces and defeat mobs.

During the strike, the indicator appears above the mob’s head, showing the amount of damage inflicted by the player.

Thus, the user can properly spend his strength and understand how to defeat enemies faster.