Dance Mod for Minecraft PE

Dance Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Dance Mod for Minecraft PE: add more funny moves, cool animation and start a flashmob in the game world!

What does Dance Mod add to MCPE?

This mod will appeal to all fans of music and a variety of dances. Now Minecraft PE characters will have new movements that will amuse not only the players themselves but also their friends.

In addition, the developers have endowed some animals of the game world with the ability to make unusual movements. To add a new animation to the mobs, players will have to feed them with suitable food.

For the addon to work, users need to play in experiment mode.


This dance mod adds an interesting body movement called dab to the Minecraft PE game world. Almost everyone has heard about these funny moves. It is possible to learn them using this addon. Players will raise their heads and move their hands at the same time.
It looks pretty funny, but after famous bloggers began to make it online, it became very popular and caused many flash mobs.

To start Steve’s movements, players need to press the sneak button. Besides, they can invite friends to have fun together.

Back Pack Kid

Many people know the story of a boy who became famous for his funny dance with a backpack at a concert with American singer Katy Perry. This mod represents this dance in Minecraft PE, but now Steve will be able to perform it. Users only need to press the sneak button to immerse themselves in the movements.

After that, the character will start moving his arms, legs, and head, like that famous guy.

Polish cow

The author of this dance mod helps players watch cows dancing in Minecraft PE.

To see the funny movements of animals, users need to treat a cow with sugar.

After that, she will change the color and start dancing. This addon will add fun to MCPE players. They can spawn several animals at once and arrange a real disco in the game world.