Diamonds Mod for Minecraft PE

Diamonds Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Diamonds Mod for Minecraft PE: spend less time looking for resources, craft new armor, use weapons with effects, mine unique ore, and get additional blocks!

What does Diamonds Mod add to MCPE?

This mod is created to add more opportunities for Minecraft PE players. They can get many diamonds without spending hours in caves.

Pink Diamonds

This addon introduces a new type of material into the game world. Minecraft PE players recognize the pink diamond by the beautiful texture of the blocks. It also glows.

New ore is generated in the mines at the bottom of the game world. This mod users can also get unique pink-colored tools and weapons.

Each new item has its own effects that can help MCPE users.

Op Diamond

Players who are looking for diamonds have to spend a lot of time in the caves of the Minecraft PE game world. Thanks to the Op Diamond mod, they can finally not spend so much effort searching for resources.

After installing the addon, users will have several new ways to mine these materials. The process becomes easier: there is an item that gives players a diamond every 20 seconds. The resources spawn in deserts and wastelands, which can be the material for creating this resource.

Minecraft PE players should not forget to turn on the experimental mode before activating the mod.

Crafters also can find an accumulation of diamond ore and blocks in one place. It appears in deserts and wastelands underground.

Better Diamonds

Minecraft PE players will no longer have to spend a lot of time in the mines searching for valuable material. This mod will increase the spawn of diamonds several times, and players will find many resources in one place at once. This way, users will save time.

When melting the ore, the player will receive four finished diamonds. It will speed up his gameplay and allow him to get the best tools, weapons, and armor.

Using this mod will be a great way to get resources quickly.