Digimon Mod for Minecraft PE

Digimon Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Digimon Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn new creatures, tame them, and get new friends in the virtual world!

What does Digimon Mod add to MCPE?

Fans of the Digimon franchise will like this unique mod for Minecraft PE. There have already been many games and TV series on this topic.

The peak of the popularity of the characters came in 2000, but now, there are many fans of this universe all over the world. The author of the addon decided to add several creatures and objects to control them in the virtual world.

With experimental mode enabled, players can use all the features.


The mod allows users to tame Digimon. Also, Minecraft PE players can develop their pets. Every 12 minutes the creature gets a new level. There are five levels, after which the mob takes a different form.

Baby mob follow the player but does not attack other creatures because they are still small. After death, the creature drops the spawn egg.

A new mob appears from it six minutes after the issue of Digi-grass.

Сreature growth

After reaching level 5, Digimon from the mod will receive a new form of development. After reaching level 12, the mob becomes a teenager. The mob will already fight with the Minecraft PE player, but it will still be weak enough. If the mob dies, it will drop the egg again, and the player should wait for full development anew.

Besides, untamed creature is tamed by date herbs or useful items can be dropped from it.


When the monster becomes a teenager, the mod user must still take care of his pet. For treatment, he can use a processor that drops an untamed Digimon in Minecraft PE. Item restores health by 10.

Players can also use data herb, which restores as many as 50 health units at a time.


This item will help mod users grow their Digimon to the champion level in Minecraft PE. The developer has provided a simple recipe for crafting this device.