Doctor Strange Map for Minecraft PE

Doctor Strange Map for Minecraft PE

Download Doctor Strange Map for Minecraft PE: play hide-and-seek with your friends, explore all the buildings and rooms of the location, and find resources!

What does Doctor Strange Map add to MCPE?

Developers often offer their own versions of locations dedicated to comic book heroes. This time, the inspiration for the creation of Doctor Strange maps was the famous movie. Fans will recognize some locations from the real world on the territory, as if taken directly from New York. Some elements were added by the developers, and they give the territory uniqueness.

Those who love Minecraft PE mini-games will appreciate the location.


The peculiarity of the Doctor Strange map is that it is designed for playing hide and seek. Accordingly, it is ideal for multiplayer. Minecraft PE players can invite friends and enjoy the mini-game. The task, as always, is to find everyone hiding. Everyone who is found joins the team of seekers.

Of course, if users get bored, they can just walk around the territory together and find a lot of interesting things.


Before you start playing, Minecraft PE users get a role on the Doctor Strange map. Participants must take turns to click on the button to do this. There is a chest on the territory, where there are costumes and a staff that are necessary for the game.

After receiving the items, players can start a game of hide and seek.

The team can have from two players. There may be more of them, since there is enough space for everyone due to the large territory.


At the spawn point, Minecraft PE players will see the Doctor Strange logo. Going further, they will find themselves in a location similar to a small town. Due to the multicolored blocks, the space seems large, and there are many places where it is possible to hide.

Doctor Strange map can be used to explore an unusual location, as well as to play with friends.