Drill Mod for Minecraft PE

Drill Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Drill Mod for Minecraft PE: break blocks in the mines using new equipment, and get resources easily!

What does Drill Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE has everything for resource extraction. Someone uses a pickaxe to destroy blocks, but there is an easier way. The drill mod will be the best solution for players who want to get blocks in a few minutes.


Players constantly spend a lot of time mining materials in Minecraft PE. The mod suggests simplifying this process by using a new tool.

There are two types of drill: diamond and iron. By the way, the diamond one is the most powerful.

Thus, it is possible to dig out the necessary resources in MCPE faster. Breaking blocks of wood will also become much easier with a new item.

Mining Driller 9000

There is a special tool for those who do not want to dig mines manually. The mod adds a machine with a drill installed on it, which will easily break any blocks in the way of a Minecraft PE player.

Using the Driller Steve can dig tunnels and extract any resources. Management will not cause difficulties: it’s like riding a horse.

While working with the drill, materials that cannot be destroyed may come across. The developers disabled some ores from the list mined in MCPE. Players can easily get resources quickly with the help of a new device.

Auto Miner

There is an even simpler way to extract resources that does not require any effort from the players.

This mod adds an automatic drill to the game, which can be controlled by players using the remote control. The robot will dig into the ground and extract resources without the help of Steve.

Minecraft PE players can also add a pump to the drill, improving the quality of material extraction.

This technique can only move forward, so the mod users need to think in advance about the route of movement in the mine.