Drone Mod for Minecraft PE

Drone Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Drone Mod for Minecraft PE: activate robots to attack enemies, make video records, and much more!

What does Drone Mod add to MCPE?

Those who want to get additional defenders in the game world should download the drone mod. Players can also use a video recording assistant. To take advantage of the new features, the developers have added special items.


This Drone mod adds a flying machine that can attack mobs from the air, as well as protect Minecraft PE users. This unique feature allows robots to be used not only as defenders but also as a means of video recording. To do this, the player needs to use additional items.

First, users must craft equipment to use the drone and put it on the ground. Then they need to apply Redstone blocks.

Immediately after that, the device will move behind the player within a radius of 20 blocks, as well as teleport. The developer has added a controller that helps choose the movements of the robot. All drones fly up to the controller, and Redstone or iron ingots are used for feeding.

The mod author offers players a command to get information – /function info_drone.

Many drones

Flying drones from this mod will have realistic sounds, beautiful animations, a camera, and even a control system. Thus, Minecraft PE players can follow friends or attack enemies directly from home.

In the Creative mode, players can get items from the inventory. They also can use new crafting recipes.

The developer has created a convenient management system that will make using the addon easy, even for a beginner.
The user can activate the drone control using a joystick. Redstone helps to make a turn. If the player needs to return the robot to the base, the chest will help. The Redstone torch helps protect the player.

The main feature of this mod is that there are several drones, so users have a choice.