Egg Mod for Minecraft PE

Egg Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Egg Mod for Minecraft PE: get more spawn eggs in the inventory, create new mobs, and grow a dragon!

What does Egg Mod add to MCPE?

There are many spawn eggs to create different mobs in the game. This unique mod adds more items and helps players grow new creatures. Beginners also can see all the mob images in the inventory. Minecraft PE users also can grow dragons, and use their powers for survival.

Unspawnable Eggs

Players often use the inventory to create mobs. In Minecraft PE, some creatures cannot appear in this way. The developers of this mod have added new options that users can find in the inventory.

For example, it will be possible to summon mobs-riders, End Dragon, Wither, or NPC using spawn eggs. Players no longer have to waste time on a set of commands – it’s enough to take a spawn item, and the mob will immediately appear. Besides, users will be able to get command and structural blocks in creative mode.

A total of 22 spawn items and 6 blocks are available.

Unique Eggs

This mod is a port from Java so that Bedrock Edition players can see the image of the mob they want to spawn. This unique option is especially useful for beginners who do not yet know where to find eggs in Minecraft PE.


An interesting mod called Dragons will help everyone who wants to grow their dragon in Minecraft PE. To get a friend and defender in the game world, players need to observe additional conditions for cultivation.

Some of the new mobs can be created with the help of a tree monster that lives in the forest. Some become available if players defeat the troll.

Dragons hatch from eggs. The mob grows for about 15 minutes. Minecraft PE users can grow a fire dragon, as well as cave, forest, and other types of them.

By the way, the most dangerous creature of the mod will be the infernal dragon, which attacks mainly villagers. After his death, Minecraft PE players can count on the drop of excellent loot.