Elephant Mod for Minecraft PE

Elephant Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Elephant Mod for Minecraft PE: meet new animals in savannas, tame them, and ride these giant mobs!

What does Elephant Mod add to MCPE?

This mod lets Minecraft PE meet elephants and other big animals in the game world. There are also hippos, crocodiles, and many exotic creatures. Players can tame the mobs and use their abilities to survive.

Elephants and Hippos

The mod will add two large animals – elephants and hippos. Players can tame the first ones, put on a saddle, and ride. Minecraft PE users can also apply golden horse armor. Steve can cure animals with wheat, melon, and apple. Hippos cannot be tamed, but players can breed them with carrots, beets, or potatoes.

Terracotta Expansion

The developer of this mod created elephants and many other animals. Also, Minecraft PE players will see updated biomes, and the whole world will be transformed. Users should go to forests, savannas, wastelands, and other biomes.

It is required to enable all experimental functions in the world settings.

Biomes and their inhabitants

Minecraft PE players will see elephants in the savannas after downloading the mod. They are neutral mobs that like to eat vegetables and fruits. The creature is afraid of bees: players can use it for taming. Players can use a saddle and put a chest on the animal to store some items.

These mobs drop the skin after death.

A maple forest will appear in the game world. Here the mod users can get fresh maple juice and turn it into maple syrup. Deer live in such forests, which players can tame with sweet berries and apples.
The Minecraft PE swamps become better: these places get new inhabitants and additional plants.

World Animals

The developer of this mod has created two models of elephants: African and Asian. Both species are tamed with a golden bone, and sugar cubes are used for breeding animals. These animals in Minecraft PE have 70 health and 7 damage, and mobs live in savannas and jungles.

This addon is interesting because it contains a lot of other exotic creatures from all over the world.