Ender Pearl Mod for Minecraft PE

Ender Pearl Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Ender Pearl Mod for Minecraft PE: use additional items to get unique ability, teleport to many places, and try new effects!

What does Ender Pearl Mod add to MCPE?

Many people use ender pearls in Minecraft PE, because the item has unusual properties. The mod developers have created many new options that can give the player unusual effects that will help him survive.

This is a great way to attack enemies, spawn mobs and get effects. During the movement, the player should be careful not to cause damage to himself. After all, some species are extremely dangerous.

Super Ender Pearl

A new item from the ender pearl mod is a teleport that will help Minecraft PE players move anywhere. The device operates at a maximum distance of 50 blocks. By the way, users can even walk through walls, which makes the addon unique.

The use of a new item is no different from the usual one.

Ender Pearl Infinity

This ender pearl mod introduces an unusual item that can be used many times. Players are able to quickly overcome huge distances with the ability to teleport in Minecraft PE. They will no longer have to worry about necessary items, because they will have an unlimited number of elements.

To get items, players can use the command /give @s cmg: ender_pearl_infinity or crafting inventory. To create it, they will need one End Pearls and four diamonds.

More Pearls

Thanks to the mod, 12 different ender pearls will be added to the game and each of them will include different abilities.

Now this magic item will be used not only for teleportation, but also for fighting.

With the help of different options, it is possible to spawn mobs, get effects and attack enemies. For example, TNT pearls cause explosions, and honey calls bees. The Minecraft PE player can also receive negative effects during use, for example, the snow variant causes a slowdown.