Enderman Mod for Minecraft PE

Enderman Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Enderman Mod for Minecraft PE: tame dangerous mobs, watch their updated behavior, and meet new creatures!

What does Enderman Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE users who like to travel to other dimensions of the game often have to meet different dangerous creatures. Enderman mod will introduce players to the updated mobs, which now will not need to be afraid. Now it is possible to tame the mysterious inhabitants, as well as to see all their new abilities.


Since it is not possible to tame some creatures in Minecraft PE, users frequently wonder how they can make aggressive mobs their friends. The developers solved this problem by creating an Enderman mod.

The inhabitants of the mysterious dimension will now perform the function of guards, protecting the character from any attacks from his enemies.

To make mobs their friends, players must take a bow and get closer to the creature. A button for taming will appear next to it.


This Enderman mod will add 7 new mobs. They spawn in the Overworld of Minecraft PE and some of them are dangerous for the character. It is especially worth being careful at night.

If the player manages to defeat new creatures, he can get valuable loot, for example, Ender Crystal.

Among the new inhabitants there are those who are armed with a bow. The unique Enderman golem is practically the boss, since it has 100 health. But the most dangerous of the mobs is Titan with a health of 400.

The most unusual creature is the White Enderman, who drops pink pearls after death.


The developer wanted to make the mysterious inhabitants of Minecraft PE more sinister. The Enderman mod makes unique dangerous creatures out of the usual mobs that constantly pursue their victims.

They will no longer walk around the territory, but only teleport. Having chosen a victim, they will look into her eyes and chase her.

By the way, Enderman can crouch thanks to the addon.