Epic Fight Mod for Minecraft PE

Epic Fight Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Epic Fight Mod for Minecraft PE: try additional weapons with unique effects to defeat enemies, and much more!

What does Epic Fight Mod add to MCPE?

Those who are bored with the measured life in Minecraft PE will like the Epic Fight mod. With its help, players will be able to defend themselves from opponents and attack anyone in the game world. Besides, all guns have effects that can be useful in combat. Especially the addon will please fans of PvP battles.

As many as seven additional swords will help users upgrade their combat skills.

How to get items

The developers of the Epic Fight mod decided to allow Minecraft PE players to get weapons in different ways. Those who like to craft are allowed to create items manually. For those, who want to make their task easier, the developers have added the command /give @p pa: sword.

The player can get different swords by adding numbers at the end from 1 to 7. There is also a third option to get if the player uses creative mode. In this case, he does not need to look for anything since all the items are in the inventory.

Interestingly, in addition to its main function, each sword can give the user some effect and sometimes several.

Types of swords

The features of the new weapons will surprise any Minecraft PE player. By the way, one item can give several effects at once. The Epic Fight mod is also suitable for playing in multiplayer mode, so the player can call friends and give them swords with different effects.

The rainbow sword accelerates the regeneration of the player. Diamond improves speed, gives night vision, and allows players to breathe underwater. Obsidian can make enemies slower and makes the player susceptible to attacks. Ender removes fall damage. Spinner helps the MCPE player jump high.

The most unusual effect is given by the galactic sword – the user becomes invisible.