Excavator Mod for Minecraft PE

Excavator Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Excavator Mod for Minecraft PE: use modern machines to move, dig, break blocks, and get more resources!

What does Excavator Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE world full of sand, stones and other resources. It is nice to have a good excavator. The machine allows players to quickly clean large areas of the landscape to speed up boring work. Besides, the mod adds some other heavy technics to make the survival easier.

In the game settings, users need to enable experimental mode in advance. Then the addon will work without problems.


This mod adds an excavator that can help Steve to work with stone, sand, and other blocks in Minecraft PE. It has many realistic details: the developer made it based in a real CAT model. It’s enough for players to spawn a car, get into it and start destroying materials.


The most obvious function of the excavator is to move around the Minecraft PE game world. Players will be able to quickly get to the right place, completely controlling the process. But the main advantage of such heavy equipment is the size and power. No other machine can do what CAT can.

Heavy Constructions

There is a mod that can add not just one excavator, but many heavy machines for different purposes. Minecraft PE players can ride vehicles, interact with different blocks and use items for their own tasks. All the models have realistic design and 3d textures. All models are yellow, which corresponds to the original.

Among the cars there is a bulldozer, a skating rink and a large truck.

To get into the cabin, the player needs to get closer to the object. Then a button will appear on the screen that the player needs to click on. Once in the cab, Steve can control the transport by setting the direction of movement.

Minecraft PE players can use excavator mod for joint games with friends: each player can become the owner of transport.